Audiences have described Mahajibee as a “quintet playing rough and tough, sweaty blues of their own,” and have been attracted to their music in part because of its unique ability to remain a living, breathing thing.

That’s the beauty in it…its live!

Our blue collar, nitty gritty style appeals to a diverse audience, perhaps due to the band’s varied influences from both traditional and contemporary musicians. Guitar-based blues with a strong harmonica and a smooth, soulful groove pulls from influences ranging from jazz to rock and everything in between. Simply put, Mahajibee plays the kind of music that makes audiences realize they love the blues.

Currently, Mahajibee is busy putting together their 2017 show to entertain festival audiences with their rough-and-tumble, heart-and-soul blues this coming spring, summer, and fall.

Despite their many musical accomplishments and achievements still to come, though, Mahajibee’s goal always remains the same: to connect with and entertain audiences with a fun, impassioned live show!

Pat Tevis - vocals, harp

Ray Sherman - guitar

Mike Brozovich - guitar

Jack Rhyner - bass

Kevin Goss - drums